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EC-Council’s CHFI certifies individuals in the specific security discipline of computer forensics from a vendor-neutral perspective. Our digital forensics certification will fortify the application knowledge of law enforcement personnel, system administrators, security officers, defense and military personnel, legal professionals, bankers, security professionals, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure.

Digital forensics is a key component in Cyber Security. Many people hear the term forensics, or computer forensics, or digital forensics and instantly think that’s just for law enforcement, but the truth is, digital forensics has a key place on every cyber security team. In fact, without it, chances are your organization’s security posture and maturity will fail to see its full potential. Computer forensics is an evolving field that is always moving to match the changes in devices and how they are used for identifying, preserving, analyzing, and recovering data from computers and various digital media storage. Digital data are subjected to legal practices and guidelines when intended to serve as evidence in civil proceedings.

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  • How to set up a computer forensics lab
  • Password cracking
  • How to recover deleted files
  • How to write investigative reports
  • Roles of first responders, securing & evaluating an electronic crime scene, conducting preliminary interviews, documenting electronic crime scene & collecting & preserving electronic evidence
  • Contenidos

    Computer Forensics in Today’s World
    Computer Forensics Investigation Process
    Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems
    Operating System Forensics
    Defeating Anti-Forensics Techniques
    Data Acquisition and Duplication
    Network Forensics
    Investigating Web Attacks
    Database Forensics
    Cloud Forensics
    Malware Forensics
    Investigating E-mail Crimes
    Mobile Forensics
    Investigative Reports


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