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5 días
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Madrid / Online
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Learn the skills that matter! EC-Council’s vendor-neutral network security certifications provide an unbiased approach to learning secure networking practices, as well as how to analyze and harden computing systems prevalent in the current IT infrastructure.

CND v2 has earned a reputation as the only program in the market that is 100% focused on network security and defense.

IT professionals need to be part of the cybersecurity ecosystem, especially in a post-COVID Digital Transformation era. If you think cybersecurity is the responsibility of cyber teams alone, think again!

Certified Network Defender v2 has been designed by industry experts to help IT Professionals play an active role in the Protection of digital business assets and Detection and Response to Cyber Threats, while leveraging Threat Intelligence to Predict them before they happen. CND is a network security course designed to help organizations create and deploy the most comprehensive network defense system.

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  • Understanding network security management
  • Learn basics of first response and forensics
  • Building threat intelligence capabilities
  • Establishing and monitoring log management
  • Implementing endpoint security
  • Configuring optimum firewall solutions
  • Understanding and using IDS/IPS technologies
  • Establishing Network Authentication
  • Authorization, Accounting (AAA)
  • Understanding indicators of Compromise, Attack, and Exposures (IoC, IoA, IoE)
  • Establishing network security policies and procedures
  • Windows and Linux security administration
  • Embedding virtualization technology security
  • Determining cloud and wireless security
  • Deploying and using risk assessment tools
  • Setting up mobile and IoT device security
  • Implementing data security techniques on networks
  • Contenidos

    Module 01: Network Attacks and Defense Strategies
    Module 02: Administrative Network Security
    Module 03: Technical Network Security
    Module 04: Network Perimeter Security
    Module 05: Endpoint Security-Windows Systems
    Module 06: Endpoint Security-Linux Systems
    Module 07: Endpoint Security- Mobile Devices
    Module 08: Endpoint Security-IoT Devices
    Module 09: Administrative Application Security
    Module 10: Data Security
    Module 11: Enterprise Virtual Network Security
    Module 12: Enterprise Cloud Network Security
    Module 13: Enterprise Wireless Network Security
    Module 14: Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
    Module 15: Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis
    Module 16: Incident Response and Forensic Investigation
    Module 17: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    Module 18: Risk Anticipation with Risk Management
    Module 19: Threat Assessment with Attack Surface Analysis
    Module 20: Threat Prediction with Cyber Threat Intelligence


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