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5 días
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Madrid / Online
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We designed the CBP course so that full-stack developers get a comprehensive and complete understanding of blockchain from the fundamentals of how the technology works to advanced applications and implementation strategies.

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By getting trained and certified, one can gain practical skills needed for the job, as it focuses on both knowledge and skills needed to perform real-world job responsibilities, as well as, document one’s expertise in blockchain and their personal commitment to their professional development. For one to become a Certified Blockchain professional, it is important that you attain knowledge in the following areas:
  • Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Applications of Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain Project Implementation
  • Advanced Blockchain Development
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    Phase 1: Blockchain Fundamentals

    In our blockchain certification program, we will look at the blockchain fundamentals and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). We will also cover the benefits of blockchain technology, introduce the basic applications it can be used for, and the various challenges faced.

    These will be covered in the following modules:

    Introduction to Blockchain Technology
    Crypto Assets
    Blockchain Mining
    Sustainable Blockchain
    Open Source Blockchain Frameworks

    Phase 2: Applications of Blockchain Technology

    We will then delve deeper into the many applications of blockchain and discuss different technologies like Ethereum, AI, and others.

    These will be covered in the following modules:

    Ethereum: The Foundation of DApps
    Decentralized Applications (DApps)
    AI and Blockchain
    Impact on Industry
    Industry Use Cases
    IoT and Blockchain (BoT)

    Phase 3: Blockchain Project Implementation

    From there, we will then train you to create networks, to learn the different types of networks and how to build a private network. In addition to that, students will practice on writing smart contract code using specific open source Tools and frameworks online for smart contract development on Ethereum.

    These will be covered in the following module:

    Blockchain Project Implementation

    Phase 4: Advanced Blockchain Development

    In the last section of this blockchain training program, we’ll discuss a lot of advanced blockchain concepts like how to secure your blockchain network and scale your private network. In addition to that, we will also go through some of the current challenges that face blockchain technology today, like interoperability, security, privacy, performance, scalability, and standardization.

    These will be covered in the following modules:

    Scalable Blockchain
    Security in Blockchain
    Blockchain as a Service
    Open Research Problems in Blockchain


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