Advanced Penetration Testing (APT)

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3 días
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Madrid / Online
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The Advanced Penetration Testing (APT) course will teach you how to perform a professional security test as well as how to produce the next most important thing… the findings and the report!

The ranges progress in difficulty and reflect an enterprise level architecture. There will be defenses to defeat and challenges to overcome. This is not your typical FLAT network! As the range levels increase you will encounter the top defenses of today and learn the latest evasion techniques.

The format you will use has been used to train 1000s of penetration testers globally, it is proven and effective!

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  • The APT is a Follow-on to the ECSA
  • You should have completed the ECSA Practical
  • Prepares you for the LPT Master Certification.
  • Teaches you how to assess targets and escalate privileges.
  • You will learn a repeatable and measurable approach to penetration testing
  • Contenidos

    Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
    Review of vulnerability assessment
    Types of vulnerability scanners
    Challenges faced by vulnerability scanners
    Creating a Security Testing Plan
    Explaining the Hacking Methodology
    Concepts of Evasion

    Information Gathering Methodology
    Information Gathering with NSLOOKUP and Dig
    DNS Enumeration with dnsenum and dnsrecon
    Enumeration with fierce
    Creating a Security Testing Plan
    Registrars and Whois
    Google Hacking Database
    Enumeration with Metagoofil
    Cloud Scanning with Shodan

    Scanning and Enumeration
    Scanning with Nmap
    Scanning with the Tool Dmitry
    Scanning with the Tool Netdiscover
    Scanning with the Tool sslscan
    Scanning and Scripting with the Tool hping3
    Scanning the Internet
    Using Metasploit Databases and Workspaces
    Enumeration of Targets
    Mastering the Nmap Scripting Engine

    Identify Vulnerabilities
    Vulnerability Sites
    Vulnerability Analysis with OpenVAS
    Web Application Vulnerability Scanners
    Customizing and Optimizing Scan Policies
    Web Vulnerability Scanning within Metasploit
    Analysis of Vulnerability Findings
    Custom Script Design

    Exploit Sites
    Manual Exploitation
    Exploitation with Metasploit
    Searching for Exploits
    Remote Exploitations with SMB, RDP and SSH
    Web Application Exploitation
    Customization of Shells
    Staged and Stageless Payloads
    Custom Exploits

    Post Exploitation
    Disabling protections
    Local Assessment
    Harvesting Information
    Scripts for pilfering
    Leveraging backdoors
    Mangling log files
    Escalation of privileges
    Data search and extraction techniques
    Achieving an advanced shell
    File transfers

    Advanced tips and techniques
    Scanning with Nmap against Defenses
    Session routing
    Performing pivoting
    Executing a double pivot
    Custom payloads for network traversal
    Using proxies
    Leveraging web shells
    Custom web shells to avoid detection

    Preparing a report
    Importance of a report
    Avoiding the common mistakes
    Compiling data in Magic Tree
    Designing the report structure
    Essential report components

    Practice Ranges
    Practice ranges

    Navy cool
    Army cool
    Marine corps cool
    Air force cool

    Job Roles
    Cyber Threat Analyst Tier 2
    Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
    Cyber Security Assurance Engineer
    Senior Information Assurance/ Security Specialist
    Mid-Level Penetration Tester
    Penetration Tester (Red or Blue)
    Penetration Tester
    Senior Penetration Tester
    Cyber Security SME
    Cyber Security Forensic Intrusion Analyst
    Information Security Manager
    Senior Information Assurance/ Security Specialist
    Cyber Security Engineer
    Information Assurance/Security Specialist
    Network Security Engineer – Expert Level 3
    Cyber Security Intelligence Analyst
    Application Security Advisor
    CSSP Analyst
    Senior Cyber Security Consultant- Technical
    Tier 2 Cyber Security Analyst
    Cyber Security Vulnerability Management Analyst
    Information Assurance/Security Specialist, Senior
    Vulnerability Assessor (VAT) Tier 2
    Senior Security Analyst (SOC)
    Cloud Application Security Engineer
    Computer Forensic and Intrusion Analyst
    SOC Analyst II
    Security Control Assessor II
    Security Engineer
    National Cyber Operator (Host/Network)
    Tier III Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst


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